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Metatron's Cube

By :Natalie Kra 0 comments
Metatron's Cube

What if we told you that we’ve created formulations that allow you to harness the supreme power of your spirit? That we’ve created elixirs so potent and powerful that it feels like divine energy is flowing through you as you drink them? 

Introducing Odyssey’s new look that encompasses the essence of Metatron’s Cube across all of our products. Metatron’s Cube  is a sacred geometrical shape that represents infinite creative possibility and the flow of energy within the universe. It is a reminder for us to harness this universal power and use it for transformation. It is a symbol of “conjunction between the Man and the Divine, helping all those who are willing to assume the responsibility for their own actions.” In other words, Metatron’s Cube is used to activate positive thoughts and energy, allowing you to harness your own personal power to do good in the world. Our brand was founded on the mission of bringing healing, health, and happiness in the form of deliciousness.  We want our drinks to generate smiles with every satiating sip and to reconnect people to the palpable energy of our planet. 

Our world is powerful, perplexing, and phenomenal, which is why we’ve incorporated sacred geometry into our brand's identity to represent the wonders of our world and the products we’ve created.  Sacred geometry is the “language of Spirit and, on a fundamental level, the language of creation.” It is studied and observed through art, music, nature and architecture. If you look closely, you can see shapes and patterns that show up across various forms of life - forming a connection between the visible and invisible world. Artists and architects throughout history have used the same geometric shapes and patterns to create spiritual monuments and relics. The study of these shapes and patterns that exist in both nature and society help to uncover the innate connections that exist between all forms of life and allows us to “gain an insight into the history and mysterious laws of the Universe.”  Take for example that sacred spiral (fibonacci sequence) is seen in everything from a pine cone, to a snail shell, to the human body, to the Great Pyramids at Giza. These shapes are essentially the building blocks of our world and are a physical display of the interconnectedness of cultures, species, and spirits. 

Incorporating these shapes into your life whether it be through decoration & adornment, meditation, or in this case, elixir-ation, can infuse a powerful form of energy into everything you do. That’s why we’ve charged our beverages with the palpable energy of Metatron’s Cube. We want you to unlock your potential and seize the divinity of our universe.  We’ve created various formulations that invigorate the mind, body and spirit so that you can transcend beyond your greatest dreams. We have carefully combined fruit-forward ingredients with adaptogenic mushrooms to create products that allow the beholder to thrive. 

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