Odyssey Elixir Joins Forces with JoinSalt.co

Odyssey Elixir Joins Forces with JoinSalt.co

Odyssey Elixir Joins Forces with JoinSalt.co

Odyssey Elixir Joins Forces with JoinSalt.co to Champion Sustainability 

At Odyssey Elixir, we have always been committed to making the world a healthier, happier, and more sustainable place. Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with JoinSalt.co, a prominent leader in sustainable initiatives. Together, we aim

 to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by integrating innovative, eco-friendly solutions into our products, services, and overall business operations.

Our Shared Vision: 

Odyssey Elixir and JoinSalt.co share a vision of a sustainable future where businesses actively contribute to the preservation and improvement of our planet. By combining our expertise in health and wellness with JoinSalt.co's extensive knowledge of sustainability,

 we will create a powerful synergy that will benefit both our customers and the environment.

The Partnership:

Our partnership with JoinSalt.co will focus on three key areas:

Sustainable Sourcing: We will prioritize sourcing our ingredients and materials from suppliers that adhere to strict environmental and social standards. This includes organic farming practices, responsible water use, and fair labor conditions. By supporting

 such suppliers, we encourage more businesses to adopt sustainable practices, ultimately reducing the environmental impact of the entire industry.

  1. Eco-friendly Packaging: Plastic pollution is a significant global issue that requires urgent action. In collaboration with JoinSalt.co, we will transition to environmentally friendly packaging solutions, such as biodegradable materials, reusable containers,

 and minimalistic designs that reduce waste. This will not only lessen our carbon footprint but also inspire our customers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Carbon Neutrality: Odyssey Elixir is committed to achieving carbon neutrality through various initiatives. By partnering with JoinSalt.co, we will measure and offset our carbon emissions, invest in renewable energy, and support reforestation projects. Our goal

 is to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and contribute to the global fight against climate change.

  • The Impact: This partnership will have a far-reaching impact on the health and wellness industry, setting new standards for sustainable practices. By working together, Odyssey Elixir and JoinSalt.co will demonstrate the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change

 for a greener future. We believe that our shared commitment to sustainability will inspire other businesses to follow suit, paving the way for a more eco-conscious world.

Join Us on This Journey:

As we embark on this exciting partnership, we invite you to join us in our commitment to sustainability. By choosing Odyssey Elixir products and services, you are not only investing in your health and well-being but also supporting a cleaner, greener planet.

 Together, let's take a stand for the environment and create a healthier world for generations to come.

Follow our progress and stay updated on our sustainability initiatives by visiting our website, odysseyelixir.com, and joinsalt.co. Let's work together to make a difference!

Margie Adelman VP of Communications

E: Margie.Adelman@OdysseyElixir.com

P: 916-220-3500



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